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Traditional Marwari Diwali Thali

Traditional Marwari Diwali Thali

Lights, Fire crackers, festivity, and celebration is what instantly comes to my mind on the
auspicious occasion of Diwali !

The shopping, the parties, the Mithais and Namkeens are added childhood memories for me.
But what really stirs nostalgia is the traditional Diwali dinner, churned out of age-old recipes
which include an array of savoury and sweet dishes. This elaborate meal is served in our
Chandi Ki Thali (Silverware), a once in a year indulgence and truly a treat to the eyes as
well. This Diwali 2018 is no exception!


In the arid lands of Rajasthan, the scarcity of fresh fruits and vegetables has a profound effect on its food. Therefore lentils and items like dried legumes form the main ingredients of many Rajasthani dishes. This limitation became a boon for the inimitable style of food that evolved, of which, some of my favourites are, Meethe Chawal (sweet saffron rice), Mogar (Dry lentil preparation ), Dahi Bada (a lentil dumpling dipped in yogurt), Bedmi Pudi (poori made with a stuffing of lentils), Aloo Ki Subzi, Mooli Ka Kus (grated radish salad), Fried Sookhi Gavar Phali, Papad Ki Talni (fried papad), Samosa, Besan Ki Chakki or Mohanthal, Fried Bhindhi and finally Moong Dal Halwa – a must for our pooja.

So, the typical meal made today is without the use of onion and garlic “Purely Satvik”. A
“Bhog” (offering to the deity) is first offered to the Goddess of Lakshmi after which the
entire family sits together to eat.

Quite a variety isn’t it! Also a gastronomical indulgence at its best… Well, just as our
favourite nutritionist Luke Coutinho says, ‘enjoy your cheat meal occasionally without
feeling guilty’. So, I’m gonna relish this with the same thought in mind –  A day when we
don’t watch the calories on our plate!!

Hope, this helps you enjoy planning your menu as well.  Each family has its own food culture
and story. Do share your stories and pictures too.

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali !


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