About Me

Hi, I’m Gitanjali Maheshwari, a passionate cook, dedicated homemaker, and a mom of two adorable teenagers.

At times, when I think back on the forty years of my life, the one thing that has always given me a sense of purpose is food!

As a child, every Sunday I would look forward to my father taking me to try out new restaurants all around Mumbai. Unlike most kids, I would be insistent on trying new items each time I went. I would be in awe how simple ingredients could create such fascinating and unique dishes. Back at home, in my own little way, I would try to re-create these dishes. This instilled in me a passion for cooking, a passion which is still very much alive today.

However, it was not until I got married and moved from Mumbai, a melting pot of gastronomy to Indore, a town that could only boast of its local fare, that I started cooking on a regular basis. As they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. The sheer habit of trying new cuisines and my undying love for food forced me to try out different dishes at home, thus turning me into the food enthusiast that I am today.

Food has become an integral part of my life. From cooking, eating, food photography, interning at various restaurants, and trying to create new recipes, every aspect of food fascinates me.

But the most important aspect for me is being able to share my love for food with my family and friends. Knowing that someone has used my recipe and created the dish for their family and friends gives me a sense of satisfaction that is unparalleled. Through dinewithgitanjali.com I hope to get my recipes across to as many people possible, hoping you enjoy re-creating these dishes as much as I did.

For any queries, please get in touch with me at [email protected]. I am happy to help.

Do try out my recipes and share your valuable feedback.

Happy cooking!!! ?

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