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Summer Kale Salad

Capture the flavours of summer with my Summer Kale Salar.

Eating your greens has never been this fun!  This crunchy, nutty and piquant salad is a great way to boost your health while enjoying yummy food.  Whip up this effortless and low-calorie salad on days when you’re craving something light but satiating.

Fellow this important hack to make your kale leaves softer and less bitter- Massage the kale leaves with lemon juice and olive with your hands for 3-5 minutes.  This breaks downs the fibrous texture and relaxes their nerves making them more tender.  Additionally, it infuses the sweet flavours of dressing into the leaves making it more palatable.

Here are a few health benefits of this gorgeous salad- it aids digestion, boosts immunity levels and increases collagen levels.  You can eat this salad as a standalone dish for supper or have it as an evening snack.

Servings 4 persons
Course Salads
Preparation Time 10 minutes
Cook Time Nil

Ingredients for the Summer Kale Salad

(1 cup=200 ml, 1 tbsp=15 ml)

3 – 4 cups Curly Kale (torn into pieces)
1½ cups Cherry tomatoes (cut into 2 halves)
½ cup Roasted slivered almonds
½ cup Fresh parmesan, shaved
1 cup Fresh bread croutons

Ingredients for the Dressing

(1 cup=200 ml, 1 tbsp=15 ml)

1/3rd cup Olive oil
2 Nos Lemon (Indian size)
1 tbsp Honey
1½ tsp Dijon mustard
Salt to taste
1 tsp Garlic minced

Instructions for the Salad

1. Wash the Kale leaves.  Pat dry on a tea towel or kitchen roll.
2. Massage the leaves with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice.
3. Add in the cherry tomatoes, slivered almonds, croutons, and parmesan.  Season with salt.
4. Mix all ingredients for the dressing.
5. Add the dressing over the salad and serve chilled.  (increase or decrease ingredients for dressing as per your taste).
  • You can make salad and dressing separately and chill in refrigerator for 1 hour.  Just mix in the croutons when about to serve.
  • Kale tends to be bitter, hence wash the leaves well and massage with lemon juice and olive oil.

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