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Simple Home Style Chilli garlic paste

Simple Home Style Chilli garlic paste

This is my go-to, favourite and super easy chilli sauce that I always keep at home. It simply infuses life into any dish no matter how bland tasting it is. Really spikes up the flavour when added to pastas, grilled veggies, pizza sauce, noodles, zoodles and is great marination for paneer also!

As the famous adage goes… “Old Is Gold”….I discovered this treasure when I saw my mother-in-law’s friend stir up a tomato basil pasta…She simply got hold of this fiery looking red sauce from the freezer and poof… before you realised the pasta was deliciously ready to eat !!

In the yesteryears, it was difficult to get fresh red chillies round the year in Indore….So my option was limited to get hold of fresh produce when the season arrived and make enough quantity of this heavenly spicy recipe which can be conveniently stashed away into the freezer for year-round consumption!

Some distinct flavours such as Garlic can be moderated to suit your palate even though I like mine more garlicky! Sauté in hot oil with chopped spring onions and serve with fritters as a sauce too! Those who dare to try this HOT one, please do share your feedback!



Simple Home Style Chilli garlic paste

Servings 1 cup
Preparation Time  2 – 3 days
Cook time 10 minutes

Ingredients for Simple Home Style Chilli garlic paste

(1 cup = 250 ml)

125 gms Fresh Red Chillies
65 gms Garlic Cloves
¾th cup Vinegar
3 – 4 tbsp Oil

Instructions for Simple Home Style Chilli garlic paste

1. Soak the chillies and garlic cloves in vinegar.

2. Let it soak 2 – 3 days. Remove the seeds if possible from the chillies.
3. Blend the above mixture in a mixer. Do not add any water. Adjust the quantity of vinegar accordingly. The mixture should be a coarse paste. It should not become runny.
4. Lightly sauté the above mixture in oil for a few minutes until the raw smell disappears. The excess liquid should evaporate.
5. Cool the mixture. Store in a jar or a steel container, in the freezer and use when required.

Note: I usually make a big batch and freeze for a few months. Use as and when required.

So there you have it! This condiment will spice up almost any dish, its perfect for those who travel abroad for extended amounts of time. Simply make the paste before travelling and refrigerate immediately on arrival. This is a really simple recipe so I hope you give the chilli garlic paste a try and let me know what you think!




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