Chilli & Basil Paneer

Chilli & Basil Paneer

Start your Diwali festivities with this Chilli & Basil Paneer and experience your palates
flooded with delectable textures and flavours!

A great source for vegetarian protein, this recipe is best served as an appetiser and has an
unflinching flair to jazz up any party. A pleasant twist to the ubiquitous Chili Paneer, this
concoction is marinated in Schezuan sauce and topped with crispy fried basil for that
distinctive zingy flavour! A sure shot rage no matter who’s on your guest list!!!

Course Appetizer
Servings 4 – 5 persons
Prep time 10 min
Cook time 10 min.

Ingredients for Chili Paneer

( 1 cup=200 ml, 1 tbsp=15 ml)


250 grams Paneer (Cottage cheese)
3 tbsp Schezuan paste (chings brand) or home-made chilli garlic paste.- Recipe link
Oil For grilling purposes
Salt To taste

Ingredients for the Basil Topping


( 1 cup=200 ml, 1 tbsp=15 ml)

2-3 tbsp Olive Oil
2 tbsp Finely chopped garlic
1-2 tbsp Red chilli flakes (spice level to be adjusted as per your taste)
2 tbsp Basil leaves, sliced thinly
A pinch Of salt
A few Basil leaves fried

Instructions Chili Paneer:

1. Cut the paneer into rectangular slices as shown in the image (1” x 2”)
2. Marinate the paneer with schezuan chilli paste and keep aside for ½ hour.
3. Heat a grill pan with oil and grill the marinated paneer slices.
4. Serve warm with the topping

Instructions for Topping:

1. Heat the olive oil, sauté the garlic until the raw smell disappears. Be careful not to brown the
garlic or make it crisp.
2. Add the chilli flakes and salt to the garlic mixture and cook for 1 minute. Add in the basil leaves
and cook. Keep mix aside.
3. Take a few basil leaves chopped and fry them in hot oil separately.
4. Top grilled paneer slices with garlic-chilli mixture. Garnish with crispy fried basil and serve

Note: Please serve the paneer warm along with the hot topping immediately…

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