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Water Chestnut & Cucumber Salad

Cucumber Salad

My Water-chestnuts & Cucumber Salad ‘n’ it’s tryst with “Navratri”!

Many across India change over to a ‘Satvik’ dietary mode during this festive time of the year. Wonder why ? To cut to the chase, October – November is when the seasons change and wage war against your immunity! So not-burdening your digestive system is an absolute no-brainer!

This Water-chestnut aka ‘Singhada’ n Cucumber salad has a south-Indian spin with cold pressed coconut oil, dash of peanuts and a lovely crunchy texture! Typically a time to ‘Fast’ and not ‘Feast’, enjoy this salad guilt free n steer clear from fried Puri’s n Halwa this Navratri.

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Course Salad
Servings 4 persons
Prep time 10 minutes
Cook time Nil

Ingredients for the Salad

(1 cup = 200 ml; 1 tbsp = 15 ml)

1½ cups Fresh water chestnuts (diced into small pieces)
1½ cups Fresh green cucumber (diced)
½ cup Fresh coconut grated
2 – 3 Nos Green chilies finely chopped
2 tsp Red chili flakes
Sendha namak (as per taste)
1 – 2 Nos Juice of lemon
¼ cup Coriander leaves, finely chopped
1/3rd cup Roasted peanuts, crushed
2 tbsp Virgin coconut oil
2 tsp Mustard seeds
A few Curry leaves

Instructions for the Salad

1. Mix the water chestnuts, cucumber, coconut, roasted peanuts and green chilies.
2. Season the salad with lemon juice and salt.  (please add more or less as per taste).  Add in chili flakes.
3. Chill the salad for 1 hour at least.
4. Before serving heat the coconut oil. Sauté the mustard seeds (rai) and curry leaves.  Add the tempering to the salad.  Add in fresh chopped coriander leaves and serve immediately.


1. Those who avoid mustard during fasts, can just avoid the tempering. However, do add in the coconut oil in the dressing. This enhances the flavour.
2. I’ve used sendha namak due to navratri.  Those not fasting can use regular salt too. Can add in spring onion greens too if not fasting.
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